Going to start blogging for reals now.

Going to start blogging for reals now.

I am starting a blog about my life living gluten-free in Tokyo. I am gluten-free because I discovered a couple of years ago that I am highly allergic. Luckily, I love cooking, so I make a lot of my own food at home with the basic gluten-free ingredients I can procure.

When I moved back to Japan last September, the first time living here gluten-free, I realized how little information was out there about being gluten-free in Japan. Since then I have learned a lot about how to make living gluten-free possible, and I continue to learn things. With this blog, I´d like to help people find places to shop and eat out, and also to get ideas for what to cook. I also will throw whatever other little tidbits I might find about being gluten-free or living healthy in Tokyo. A lot of this information will still be useful to gluten-free people in other parts of the world, or to people living in Japan and wanting to learn more about cooking international cuisine here (e.g. Mexican, Costa Rican, Italian, and all kinds of fusion in-between.) Lots of people won´t miss the gluten in these recipes, or they might just be gluten-free naturally. Basically this website is for everyone, anyone who loves food, cooking, and music.

This blog will also include comments about music because my boyfriend and I are music addicts. We are both musicians—my instruments of choice happen to be toy instruments. Music is an important ingredient in our cooking, why the food always tastes so good.

A Mexican abuelita told me her secret was to add love into everything she cooks. Music helps me live in and love the moment. Since I see it as such an important part, and the glue of some of my deepest friendships, I will also include playlists or albums I´m listening to.

I would love to hear your questions, comments, ideas, experiences, music suggestions, anything! Please keep in mind this blog is just a labor of love, so it will not be comprehensive, and it might generally suck. But I think it´s worth it to put out the information I can, when I can. Maybe it might help another person and in the process I can learn and experience more. Happy gluten-free adventures!

Holly Lanasolyluna


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