Easy Baking

Easy Baking

When I was a little girl, I wanted an Easy Bake oven. Now I live in Japan, so basically, my dream came true. As I realized this, staring in at my gluten-free pan de queso buns, I wondered if they still make Easy Bake Ovens? And this is what I found–http://www.hasbro.com/easy-bake/en_US/ Thing is, for all the gaijin criticism Japan gets for teaching its little girls to be kawaii, domestic, and useless, it is interesting to see; after spending significant time in Japan; how strongly American media promotes the same messages even today. Either way, I love baking, for some socialization process, because my Mom and I used to bake Christmas cookies together, because I’m gluten-free and need to for cookie craving survival, not sure. Still I can be independent and useful, even if I like to bake pan de queso for my boyfriend in an Easy Bake oven.


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