No Safe Country for Foreign Women

No Safe Country for Foreign Women

This is is an article I wrote that was published in Japan Times today about safety in Japan for women.  I know this is a little off-topic from my usual posts, but trying to spread the word about this as much as possible.  Please share if you know women living in Japan or who might visit.  Besos. 


2 thoughts on “No Safe Country for Foreign Women

  1. The documentary film “Girl Model”, funded by the Sundance Institute, is about the Japanese fetish and obsession with pre-pubescent Western girls. It is a critically acclaimed documentary which has been screened at many film festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival.

    The documentary is about a thirteen year old girl from Siberia who is sent to Tokyo with the promise of lucrative modelling jobs and money, only to be exploited by her Japanese agent. She is told to lie about her age, is not paid anything for her work, and is 2,000 dollars in debt when she returns home to Russia. Since she was not paid, as promised by her agent, she has no money while in Japan, is always broke, and cannot even afford to eat.

    In the U.S., the modelling industry now does not hire models under the age of sixteen. But, Western pre-pubescent models are in great demand in Japan, and not necessarily for the right reasons. As the documentary states, some of these models end up engaging in other activities, such as prostitution. Japan needs to take a stronger stance against the unhealthy fetishization of Western women in this country.

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